Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello Groovy Kitty and Hello School!

Peace Out Groove Cats! I am adding this to our line of cute oversized pocket dresses for school! I will be teaching in the fall in the same building as Arielle (possibly AS her Kindergarten teacher due to displacement of all other K teachers in out building....yikes!!), and have promised to drop little surprises in her pocket when I see her (this promise was actually made before I found I'd most likely actually BE her teacher! Regardless, I adore how cool and comfy it turned out...not to mention groovy :)l!

And for "School Days" ahead....hopefully seeing her around school in this will give me smiles on that very hard first day back to work outside the home! And my dear customers....I will still be designing and selling....loving every minute of it!

School Days set HERE!!


HOLLY said...

Cammie, good luck with the first day of school. How exciting... and busy! That set is TDF!

Katarina said...

Your blog looks great sweetie, oh and LOVE your designs:P


Laurie said...

Love your BTS sets Cammie! Come on over to my blog, I have something for you to pick up!