Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Goes to China!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to posting some holiday pictures when I return home. I am enjoying this break from both sewing and teaching and have been so busy doing fun family things.

I just checked in on Kaden's "Baby" who is currently in route to China. A wonderful family in our town is traveling to China to bring home their two latest blessings. http://jacobsjourneyhome.blogspot.com/ I am fortunate enough to have one of their amazing daughters in my Kindergarten classroom this year, and my class will be following mom and dad's adventure to bring home their TWO new baby sisters. To spice up the journey followings we have added Kaden's baby to their travels. Baby is closely gaining on us in his worldly travels these days. He has been fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica and St. Lucia, and most recently to see Santa in the North Pole....but this is his first Asian adventure! Stay tuned and happy travels!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Deer, bunnies, snowmen...furry sleeves and funky details...all set to walk in a Winter Wonderland! You can check out the dress and hat HERE.....and the furry sleeved peasant shirt with appliqued jeans HERE!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple of My Eye

My eyes are bleary as I take a break from my next piece...I continue to amaze myself with my happy functionality with barely a wink of sleep and working full time...I continue to vow to sleep more and create less, but it just doesn't seem possible. I am hosting a gathering this Friday and even managed to dust some chandeliers this evening (much to the surprise of DH)!

But...just had to take a break to post a few sweet photos of our outing this past weekend picking out some apples and pumpkins in nearly 80 degree weather. I even managed to make a pie with all our fresh apples.  Happy fall everyone!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Funky Matryoshka

I squealed with delight when I opened up this precious Made-To-Match hat by Misty at Lilly*Anna*Kids! What creativity! Check this listing out HERE and search *Boutique Funky Matryoshka* to find our collaboration!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Apple Kitty! Hello School!

Well...this is where we have been spending all our days lately....mommy in one room with 23 cute Kindergartners and her room right down the hall. I love giving her kisses at lunch and in passing. She'll shout down the hall "I love you mommy!" I will treasure how excited she is to see me walking down the hall. I know the excitement won't last, but it's simply precious! These shots were taken after school last week right outside my classroom! Click HERE to see more from the listing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did you Miss It? Spooky House, Apples, and Skeletons!

I didn't get around to posting pictures of some of my recent auctions and am finally catching up today! Two of the auctions have ended, but one is still active! You can still view those ended auctions by clicking the link! Thanks for looking!

Spooky House! Delight on Treat Street!

Eclectic Apple Made with Famer's Market and Pop Garden!

And 3T -5T can find this again as the sample set HERE!!!!!!!! Grab a deal, it ends tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Newly Listed Skeleton Boo-Tique...funky and sweet!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Family Has Changed

Two weeks ago tomorrow our family was turned upside down. I know I will never forget that middle-of-the night phone call and the events that have unfolded since. It truly is one of those situations that leaves you praying to wake up from a nightmare. My father-in-law, an amazing and giving man, the most adoring grandfather, a father we leaned on, a friend to so many...a husband so loved...has been lost to a terribly devastating car accident. We are all trying our best to adjust, and have been so blessed with the support of our family, friends and church. We will go on living with the memories of this amazing person we all loved so much, and the life we are blessed with. We love you dad!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Little Fairytales' Spooky Little Spider!

Whew...if I ever thought I was busy before...our new schedule is looming ahead and we are busier than ever! I was feeling SPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKY with this new spider set....as cute as a spooky little set can get! Hope you love it! Thank you to the Designer Round-Up blog for the feature on this set!!

Click below to visit! One of my first three bidders will be the lucky winner of a spooky spider clip!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello Groovy Kitty and Hello School!

Peace Out Groove Cats! I am adding this to our line of cute oversized pocket dresses for school! I will be teaching in the fall in the same building as Arielle (possibly AS her Kindergarten teacher due to displacement of all other K teachers in out building....yikes!!), and have promised to drop little surprises in her pocket when I see her (this promise was actually made before I found I'd most likely actually BE her teacher! Regardless, I adore how cool and comfy it turned out...not to mention groovy :)l!

And for "School Days" ahead....hopefully seeing her around school in this will give me smiles on that very hard first day back to work outside the home! And my dear customers....I will still be designing and selling....loving every minute of it!

School Days set HERE!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Little Sweetie!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented Tracy of Creme*de*la*Gems for the AnothologyInc. JollyJuly Launch. She is so great to work with and does the most amazing work! Here is our contribution! Please click HERE or the picture below to visit the auction!

"Peace of Summer"

We had a great vacation full of new memories. Although vacation can be more exhausting than the routine of home, it is well worth the precious moments in retrospect. I've added one of my new favorite photos as my new header. Here are a few more! Hope everyone is having a blessed summer full of wonderful new memories!

Not all fun and games!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Listings and a vacation!

Here are my latest 2 listings! We are heading off in just a few days for a much needed summer
vacation! Find Luau HERE!

Find Little Funky Hood HERE!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hedgehog Heaven

I had the honor of teaming up with Kathy of Pixie Dust studio for my newest listing tonight, and we went Hedgehog crazy! I love this adorable Japanese Import fabric to pieces and had some fun mixing it up! I made 2 sets for this fun collaboration and both Kathy's necklace and tote are just tooooo cute for words with each of them! You can click on Kathy's link above to view her listings, or click on each picture below to visit those auctions!

While photographing this set, we met Hannah, of Hannah's photography from the Detroit area, who actually did some of the photography for this set. She was preparing to shoot a wedding and we were lucky to meet her. Click HERE to visit her gorgeous site!

Hope everyone had fun honoring the fathers in their life today! I have some precious pictures that I need to get around to posting in the next few days!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Did someone say PINK elephant!

My latest listing tonight is for this spunky Pink Elephant set! Versatile and so sweet! I love making these convertible tops so we can wear our sets to their full cute potential! These photos were snapped pre-BBQ this evening when we saw the faintest glimpse of the sun! My roses are looking like they want to start to come out to play! All rose growing advice welcome! Visit this auction on Ebay HERE!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Little Fairytales on Your Little "Fairy Tales"!

I recently got a few wonderful pictures from some sweet customers! Aren't they the cutest things! I just LOVE getting pictures of my creations on your sweeties! Keep sending them everyone! It makes my day even brighter!

These two cuties are twins...aren't they sweet! And their talented mama just happens to be a photographer! You can find her HERE!

My listing tonight is simply called "Giraffe"...named by Arielle herself. Can you tell she loves her giraffe? This set just made me smile to see her in it. Funky and hip, with just an all-out girly girl sweetness! You can find that HERE on Ebay!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Pair of Pajamas...And a Very Hungry Caterpillar

Arielle has recently discovered the joy of sewing. She spends a great deal of time hand winding thread onto her bobbin, arranging fabrics from my scrap and trim boxes, and coming up with all sorts of interesting designs. This is a pair of pajamas she has made for her cousin Edmund. Yes, he is a boy and about 7 years old....so we are both pretty positive he will just love them. My husband and I are just hoping he lets her down pretty easy when she discovers Edmund can't fit it past his ankles. She wanted to sew the bottoms closed so his feet would be trapped just like in her sleeper pajamas!

And here are my latest listings! Inspired by Eric Carle's wonderful book "A Very Hungry Caterpillar!" This book is one of our favorites around here. I really went crazy for the fabric so I have created 2 sets using it!!
Click HERE to visit the Appliqued Jeans and Apron Dress Set
Click HERE to visit the Euro Wrap Dress version with caterpillar Ruffle Pants!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...and an Animal Parade

I have never been a huge fan of the whole "breakfast in bed" idea...but when told to stay in bed so the kids and Jason could prepare me a breakfast of blueberry waffles, turkey bacon and a fresh fruit bowl, I had to rethink my cynical attitude. Any meal that does not include me standing and fetching for the family has me changing my tune. It was heaven. I dragged it out by laying in bed making phone calls and sipping my coffee. We should have about 20 Mother's days a year!

I was also delighted by this extremely creative Mother's Day gift from Arielle. For those of you who can't read like the mother or teacher of a just-turned-5-year old it says "Happy Mother's Day :)" I love the little stick she ran out to get to place it just "so" in the bunnies hands. Isn't it just the sweetest thing you've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the TAPE!!!!!!! Such love was invested here!

And last but not least...my Mother's Day gift to my mom. I really wanted a beautiful bag for her AND myself too...so I "sewed two birds with one stone." (or GingerBlossoms I should say!) Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

I will end with my latest listing...Euro Animal Party. Full of incredible Euro poplins and lively animals. You can find it HERE on Ebay.

And Kawaii House is now listed in my Etsy Store.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man!

This post is dedicated to my sweet little guy who just celebrated his 3rd birthday! My little boy who is obsessed with whacking anything and everything.....likes to disassemble my vacuum cleaner parts so that he may sleep with his cherished weapons...who irritates his sister to tears...who relentlessly gets up before the sun to pull a barstool over to our fruit bowl to remove a banana from the group so that he may finish his sleep clutching his beloved pre-breakfast snack....who would sit for hours as long as he is being read to....who is the wildest little thing I've ever met, yet pats my arm, looks at me lovingly, and tells me "I weally love you!"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!

We celebrated his birthday with family and a train ride at the zoo. He's
wearing his groovy train shirt I made for the event. He was so excited waiting
for the train, I thought he might burst! Amazing what a $1 train ride will
buy in terms of childhood joy!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tea Time Collaboration!!

We had a jolly good time collaborating with the lovely Cree of Bowznstuff for our Tea Time sets! This sweet Friends and Flowers line by Moda had our hearts aflutter and HERE is what we came up with! Please search Boutique Teatime on Ebay to find Cree's coordinating sets as well!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Listings and a tag!

I've just listed this new set on Ebay! I fell in love with the sweet Import print with birds and balloons and then added all my favorite prints from my new spring designer fabrics, as well as some precious pieces from my stash! With all the great new prints out there, I just became indecisive about what pieces to incorporate...so "up and away" was my result...although at times I thought my mind was going "up and away" while piecing all those details together!! You may find that set here on Ebay!

Also just listed a set with the same bird and balloon fabric at my Etsy shop...very funky hip and we got so many compliments by some hipster artists while photographing this set...and Arielle became the subject of their paintings! Find that set here on Etsy!

I also have been tagged by Gina of Southern Sass Couture, Shelley of Giraffikki Kids, and Rebecca the Designing Diva ! They have asked me to share 7 random or weird facts about myself...oh where should I begin, lol! I know some of these facts may be a repeat from a former tag...but I only have so many interesting aspects of myself to go around!

1. My dad was my middle and high school principal.
2. I was very into horses. I had horses at my house growing up and was really into showing horses on the weekends. I had to sell them when I started college.
3. I have a Master's Degree in Education.
4. I lived and worked in Japan before marriage, traveled through a bit of Asia, South America and Europe....traveled the country for several months in a van with my hubbie before marriage...now a trip across the state is quite an occasion!
5. My husband and I were on the TLC show "A Wedding Story."
6. My husband and I once picked up a hitchhiker (when we had the van) and he was quite the "stayer.." we couldn't get rid of him, his destination kept changing. He literally was with us for days on his way from a Rainbow Gathering. He was nice enough and all, but finally after several days he truly was on my nerves and we left him in Colorado.
7. My children call the UPS truck "the fabric truck" and I don't have the heart to correct them because in our case it is totally true!!!

Thanks for the tag girls!! I will pop back later to tag my peeps!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 New Listings and the silliest girl!

Well I've opened a store on Etsy and have listed a few items in my store! I've just added this sweet mermaid set today! I couldn't get my angel to stop making grand dramatic gestures while photographing it...she really felt like a mermaid!

Now...my new favorite for the GingerBlossom launch on Ebay! I searched for the softest and crisp looking broadcloth I could find and found an exquisite white to match my vision for the pairing with Sandi's new Ginger Blossom line! I wanted to make this really special and have added lots of details to this set to truly make it unique. I probably took 50 pictures of this set...most of which were the silliest poses and crazy faces made be my newly crowned 5 year old.

Me "hey...I only need a few shots...hold still for a minute you little nut!"
Her "la la la boo boo boo (crazy contorted pose) maaa haa haa (ridiculous face)
Me (can't stop laughing) "C'mon little crazy...hold still! (snap snap snap)
Her "I"m holding still (crazy face, crazy pose)
Etc. etc. etc.

Soooooo. With all the silliness and laughter while photographing this "dainty" and most delicious summer set...I came up with the name "Free to Be...." as all our children are just that... and it shouldn't be any other way. Hope you love it...you can find it here.