Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last New Set of 2009- Love Pixie and Blythe Doll Love

It's so hard to believe this is my last new design for sale this year! I am looking forward to finishing some customs and sewing some fabulous dreamy designs exclusively for my own little ones this holiday season. I will return in January with some new designs for 2010! I am in a whirlwind of finishing customs, parent teacher conferences and all the goodies that November brings forth! Ahhh, life is busy....but so good :)

Here is my last design of the year HERE! Thank you to Kathy of Pixie Dust Studio and Tracy of Creme de la Gems for the invite to collaborate on this adorable project! I've also added a fun photo of my Blythe Valentine set.

Here is my fun Love Blythe doll set! So funky and girlie!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holiday Fun Toy Shop and oh bad blogger am I

I will never win any awards for being a diligent blogger...but did not realize just how much time has passed! I've slacked on the posting of great pics and recent creations. But keeping up with the sweetest 3 children of my own and 24 sweetest children of others in my classroom plus soaking in all the fall beauty around has taken precedence over my blogging I guess! So be it...but here are some recent pics I haven't gotten around to posting!

My elvish Toy Shop listing tonight! You can find it HERE

Euro Fall
Merry and Bright

Give Thanks
Hope everyone is enjoying fall, picking lots of apples and taking in the beauty of every day!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look at this sweet bear!

This little sweetheart's mommy sent me these adorable pics of her mylittlefairytales set, and I just had to ask her permission to post these! She is such a little beauty and looks just as precious as can be!! Thanks for the smiles!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking for a very girly fall set? Here you go with "Into the Woods"! I had a blast working with the talented Teri from Bows*and*girls! She made the super groovy embellished bows and the sweetest headband for this collaboration! Click HERE to see the auctions!! I just love how little sister Wynter is trying to act like her big sister in some of her pictures! How sweet they are. There were actually tears while photographing this set however....big sister Arielle did not like sharing the camera with her little sister when she felt it was "her turn"! Uh oh!! Do I sense a little competition?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Knights in Beachy Armor

Have I mentioned I'm loving summer??? :) Hope yours is relaxing and fun as well. xoxo

Wonder School and Disney Princessses!

Just Listed for the Polkadotz "Project Hallway" launch! Super sweet with a mylittlefairytales funky twist! You may find this super fall school set HERE!

Missed blogging this set HERE! Our favorite Disney Princesses! We had fun wearing this around Disney...not to mention the attention we got from the fave princesses!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer is Here!

Just loving summer. Filling time with our most recent vacation to Disney and catching up under the warm summer air with great friends, foods, and trying hard to capture the little moments. Back to sewing soon :)

Ari and I Waiting for the Winnie Ride at Disney

My silly hubby fulfilling his dream

I love this pic of one of our sweet little friends at a BBQ yesterday

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

We had such a great, yet busy Easter. We posed for pics at an Easter egg hunt in a gym near our house. DH is getting so much better about getting me in the pictures so that someday the kids will really know I existed!

We laughed until there were tears in our eyes at this creepy bunny that our kids would not go near!

We posed for pics in front of grandma's bunny cake on Saturday. Here's mommy's favorite little guy!

Off to the big Easter egg hunt and dinner (with traces of snow everywhere) at my aunt and uncles. There was soooo much great food, cousins and KIDS! We have such a beautiful and blessed family and really laughed and had such fun. It was so great to see so many family members, some of whom we haven't seen in a long time! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glittery Flittery Unicorns

Ahhhh. The fantasy set of childhood. My girls love unicorns and I must say...so do I! This is one of those sets that I made excuses to just walk by and google at in my studio....YES...I am craving spring and mourning yet another snowy day here in APRIL! This was a breath of fresh air to work with and to photograph! I love the rich, fresh color combo and the GLITTER right in the fabric. You may find it HERE !

I've embroidered a line from the Shel Silverstein unicorn poem "The lovliest of all was the unicorn." May spring find you light and childish :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pained Expression

Wynter got her first haircut....I should preface this post by saying that I am a different person with scissors near hair than I am near fabric. I truly am not fit to go near any human's precious locks with scissors...My poor husband can attest to that. I am not welcome to even suggest I cut his hair EVER again. So I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't protest to the suggestion that I give Wynter her first haircut! It would be, just a few little snips after all.

Nothing fancy here. Just some dishtowels on the counter. I was excited to attempt this task...but my worried expression gives it all away. What a little trooper Wynter was. Kind of an unexpected detour to a busy afternoon. No more baby mullet!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday Fun in Full Attire...Fancy Nancy Style

How's this for Fancy? Any excuse to get out this sequined number! This actually was my prom dress....it has a bit of stretch to forgive all the years I've met since the 90's! Anything for my new 6 year old! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Miss Fancy is 6....with Fancy Nancy Euro style!!

We had the most "spectacular" weekend with our Fancy Nancy themed luncheon birthday party! My mom and I made sandwiches of little shapes and added fancy umbrellas and frilly toothpicks. We had "sparkling" juice and played pin the jewel on the tiara. I had all the girls sign the poster ahead of time at school (little job work perks when planning a Kindergarten birthday party :). The girls enjoyed making magic wands and bracelets, and of course making their own parfaits....yum, yum!!! My hubby even got in on the fun for a few moments by dressing in a suit and passing out tiaras to the girls when they arrived! We had a special guest appearance by the girls' very own Kindergarten teacher who....just so happens to be one of my dearest friends :) another job perk when planning a Kindergarten birthday party :) She dressed fancy and was her crazy fun self and helped "fancy" up the girls' nails with polish and nail stickers.

My dad kept the little kids busy in the basement after the girls arrived. And oh....the joy of me having yet another opportunity to get out my senior prom dress....I WILL post pictures in the next few days! I was fancy mommy for sure! One of the sweet girls kept touching my dress and telling me how beautiful it was :) I was rocking in the 90's though!!

So....my biggest baby is now 6. What a beautiful girl we are blessed with. She is so kind, smart and funny! So full of creative energy and reading like a champ! She is such a little thinker and has such love for our family. She is my cuddle bunny and snuggle-puppy and I am the luckiest mama in the world to have such a girl!

Here she is in her Fancy Nancy attire! Just listed HERE!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feeling Spring with Euro Frat Animals

Cuddly and soft, funky and sweet! I kept making excuses to walk by this in my studio...maybe the long winter is making me crave something fresh and bright. I went all out on the little details in this fun Euro set. You can see more of this fun set HERE!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Minnie Mouse in Andalucia

I love these lovely fabrics by the sweet and talented Patty Young! I've mixed in some of my other favorite funky mixes for your little Minnie lover! You can view this auction HERE !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alices' Mad Tea Party in Wonderland and Baby's Chinese adventures continue!!

A little late....but here are two sweet auctions with my two sweet girls that are ending tomorrow. I had a blast chasing Wynter all around! She was obsessed with a little black pot containing goldfish and kept sticking her entire arm in the container! Here is the Alice set number one.

And Alice Set #2! I just adore these sweet Patchy Pants! Find this HERE!!!

And we have been having so much fun following "Baby's" adventures through China both at home and at school! See other posts to find the link to the amazing "journalists" publishing this adventure! Here are just a few of my new favorites! These are cracking us all up!

This was Baby serious about his Ping Pong gear!

Lucky Baby! Seeing Beijing!
This one made me laugh the most! They searched to find a Chinese New Year outfit
for Baby! I'm really wondering what the girls are thinking about this whole thing :)