Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holiday Fun Toy Shop and oh bad blogger am I

I will never win any awards for being a diligent blogger...but did not realize just how much time has passed! I've slacked on the posting of great pics and recent creations. But keeping up with the sweetest 3 children of my own and 24 sweetest children of others in my classroom plus soaking in all the fall beauty around has taken precedence over my blogging I guess! So be it...but here are some recent pics I haven't gotten around to posting!

My elvish Toy Shop listing tonight! You can find it HERE

Euro Fall
Merry and Bright

Give Thanks
Hope everyone is enjoying fall, picking lots of apples and taking in the beauty of every day!!

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Karin said...

You take the most beautiful photos!

We are settled in the Boston suburbs and Chloe is doing well in school. Her teacher says that she was well-prepared for 1st grade, so I thought I would write and tell you thank you for doing such a great job as her teacher. :) We miss MI and I know the girls would dearly love to visit the school and say hi to their teachers. They are doing well, here, though.