Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last New Set of 2009- Love Pixie and Blythe Doll Love

It's so hard to believe this is my last new design for sale this year! I am looking forward to finishing some customs and sewing some fabulous dreamy designs exclusively for my own little ones this holiday season. I will return in January with some new designs for 2010! I am in a whirlwind of finishing customs, parent teacher conferences and all the goodies that November brings forth! Ahhh, life is busy....but so good :)

Here is my last design of the year HERE! Thank you to Kathy of Pixie Dust Studio and Tracy of Creme de la Gems for the invite to collaborate on this adorable project! I've also added a fun photo of my Blythe Valentine set.

Here is my fun Love Blythe doll set! So funky and girlie!

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P├╝ppiLottaDesign said...

I just endeckt this blog and have to say simply, he is soooo wonderful Just great and very inspiring. And your children are also totally sweet

Love Greetings