Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Euro Bear

WisteriaLane has done it up again, ths time with the cutest Bear Fabric ever!
HERE is my contribution! I've made a super comfy and adorable Euro style jumper that is perfect as a dress, a top paired with the ruffle jeans, or for layering well into fall! I was thinking of school "Bear" themed Days, Bear Themed parties, or super cute play date wear! Check out all the very cute bear items with WisteriaLane Cub Club.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

7 years ago today

7 very fun years ago is the day we tied the knot! So much has changed in those 7 years...who would've imagined we'd have these 3 incredible children and all these memories. We went out to celebrate last night with a simple evening of dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants and a movie. Anniversaries before kids were few but more elaborate. These are my lovely roses. What a guy! He doesn't complain (too much) about my passion for creation or my fabric obsession. He helps out and knows how to fix things. He's an amazing father and very sweet. I guess I made a great choice those 7 years ago. Jason, if you ever read my blog, I LOVE YOU!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Totally Retro!

I find I am often inspired by retro fashion. So needless to say I was amazed by this "Magazine of Fashion" my mom stumbled across in my grandma's old sewing treasure trove. This was from "Spring and Summer 1914." On the hot day I pored through this, delighted by its brittle pages, "cutting edge fashion" and the lack of color and texture choices, I think I was most amazed by the bathing suit page. "Misses' And Children's Bathing Suits" ranging in price from .50 to a whopping $2.98. Available in Navy only but trimmed in white, black or red, woo hoo! Check out the fashionable shoes you can sport with your bathing "dress." And check out that lady swimming happily at the top!!! Thanks grandma for this serious blast from the past!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Retro Zoo!

This imported fabric is amazing and it JUST arrived in my hands! It called for something fun and funky so I just listed this Retro Zoo last night for the WisteriaLane "Zoo Animals" launch. Click the photo or right here to see it! It is featured this morning on Boutique Cafe!
What an honor! Check out all the fun designs from WisteriaLane!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Euro Mermaid

Just listed yesterday is this fantasic Mermaid dress done Euro style. It is fully reverisble and is just so "summery" and sweet. I have also been honored with an invite to be a guest designer this month with the talented and fun girls of WisteriaLane. Check out this auction here!

He looks innocent

Furry, soft, sweet...He is named "Baby" and he is Kaden's cherished "lovey." He eats breakfast off his face, uses him to hit his sister, smothers him with hugs and kisses, and gets about as many baths as the kids do. For this rough and tumble little fella who prefers balls to learning colors, it is very sweet to witness. HOWEVER....napping and nightime without baby CAN NOT HAPPEN....which would be fine, except I spend more time searching for Baby then I do shaving my legs;....he has been found in cupboards, in my shower, behind the toilet (mmmm makes ya want to snuggle right up next to him), and tucked away inside my sewing machine cover. Baby has a way of hiding EVERY SINGLE day! Just when you think you've looked everywhere, there is a brand new spot he's managed to travel to. Kaden rarely remembers where he's hidden his blasted little lover-dog and screams until I find him. On this happy June day of visitors and playdates, I've just been on yet one more scavenger hunt for "Baby" and now naptime has begun.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Princess and the Basil

With life moving so fast in our whirlwind of 3 little ones, and getting so caught up in our daily rituals, I mindfully take time out of each day to spend direct quality time with each of these precious angels. It may only be a series of stories or a game, or something more elaborate like making "Goo" or a specific painting project; while Wynter had her morning nap and Kaden was occupied in the sandbox, Arielle and I added some herbs to our ever-expanding garden. We planted some basil, mint, cilantro together this morning while I captured another moment that I hope to forever treasure.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mommy Can I Take YOUR Picture?? -mommy though the lens of a 4-year old!

Well, I'm always taking HER picture and she really wanted to take mine today! This could be an advertisement for my camera "so simple even a 4-year old can use it!" So here they are!! There were a few really nice ones of the couch, the carpet, etc. where she completely missed, but as you can see, she improved in all of 5 minutes!

"This is fun mommy"

Almost got me!!

"Stick your tongue out mommy!"

She acutally got both Kaden and I in the shot! Budding photographer perhaps?? Now let's just hope she doesn't want to do this EVERY day!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer is in the air!

Summer is here and we've had some fun kickin it in the heat already. I just heard we've had record surprise...just ask our buddy Al Gore about that one!

A little backyard golfing
(hitting your sister with the club is not part of the game!)

Bubble Blowing!

A little Blue Moon never hurt anyone!

Who's the cutest guy on the boat!

Tubing with daddy!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Retro Rodeo!

This sweet listing for the hippest Lil Cowgirl around started last night. All American retro designer prints combined with an eastern inspired print...Euro style top. Appliqued capris. Too cute!! View it