Friday, June 8, 2007

He looks innocent

Furry, soft, sweet...He is named "Baby" and he is Kaden's cherished "lovey." He eats breakfast off his face, uses him to hit his sister, smothers him with hugs and kisses, and gets about as many baths as the kids do. For this rough and tumble little fella who prefers balls to learning colors, it is very sweet to witness. HOWEVER....napping and nightime without baby CAN NOT HAPPEN....which would be fine, except I spend more time searching for Baby then I do shaving my legs;....he has been found in cupboards, in my shower, behind the toilet (mmmm makes ya want to snuggle right up next to him), and tucked away inside my sewing machine cover. Baby has a way of hiding EVERY SINGLE day! Just when you think you've looked everywhere, there is a brand new spot he's managed to travel to. Kaden rarely remembers where he's hidden his blasted little lover-dog and screams until I find him. On this happy June day of visitors and playdates, I've just been on yet one more scavenger hunt for "Baby" and now naptime has begun.

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