Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 New Listings and the silliest girl!

Well I've opened a store on Etsy and have listed a few items in my store! I've just added this sweet mermaid set today! I couldn't get my angel to stop making grand dramatic gestures while photographing it...she really felt like a mermaid!

Now...my new favorite for the GingerBlossom launch on Ebay! I searched for the softest and crisp looking broadcloth I could find and found an exquisite white to match my vision for the pairing with Sandi's new Ginger Blossom line! I wanted to make this really special and have added lots of details to this set to truly make it unique. I probably took 50 pictures of this set...most of which were the silliest poses and crazy faces made be my newly crowned 5 year old.

Me "hey...I only need a few shots...hold still for a minute you little nut!"
Her "la la la boo boo boo (crazy contorted pose) maaa haa haa (ridiculous face)
Me (can't stop laughing) "C'mon little crazy...hold still! (snap snap snap)
Her "I"m holding still (crazy face, crazy pose)
Etc. etc. etc.

Soooooo. With all the silliness and laughter while photographing this "dainty" and most delicious summer set...I came up with the name "Free to Be...." as all our children are just that... and it shouldn't be any other way. Hope you love it...you can find it here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Day at the Zoo

My latest set is made combining 2 of the most adorable import fabric from Japan! It is full of fun with a retro look to it, so I had to do something really fun for this set! I started off thinking "I'm going to do something simple," since I've been really booked lately...but as hours and hours of fun went by I just couldn't do "simple." I am so crazy about all these animals and my little one was so excited to put this on (no not just because I bribed her with a bit of pre-birthday ice cream, lol!) You may find this set here! There is also another of my favorite resells out there right now! You can find that adorable and so classy set here!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I had so much fun doing sister sets for the AnthologyInc Reflections launch that started today! We did spring pictures for our kids yesterday and this being the second try at this, they were surprisingly cooperative! It sure is a challenge getting THREE little ones to look at the camera at the same time without someone making a weird face...but we did our best! Both sets can be mix-and-matched and all pieces coordinate for either sister sets or an expansion on the sets' options! Please check it out here!