Friday, March 14, 2008

Day at the Zoo

My latest set is made combining 2 of the most adorable import fabric from Japan! It is full of fun with a retro look to it, so I had to do something really fun for this set! I started off thinking "I'm going to do something simple," since I've been really booked lately...but as hours and hours of fun went by I just couldn't do "simple." I am so crazy about all these animals and my little one was so excited to put this on (no not just because I bribed her with a bit of pre-birthday ice cream, lol!) You may find this set here! There is also another of my favorite resells out there right now! You can find that adorable and so classy set here!


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Gina said...

Love your blog! BTW, you've just been tagged! You can read the rules at my blog.