Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Goes to China!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to posting some holiday pictures when I return home. I am enjoying this break from both sewing and teaching and have been so busy doing fun family things.

I just checked in on Kaden's "Baby" who is currently in route to China. A wonderful family in our town is traveling to China to bring home their two latest blessings. http://jacobsjourneyhome.blogspot.com/ I am fortunate enough to have one of their amazing daughters in my Kindergarten classroom this year, and my class will be following mom and dad's adventure to bring home their TWO new baby sisters. To spice up the journey followings we have added Kaden's baby to their travels. Baby is closely gaining on us in his worldly travels these days. He has been fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica and St. Lucia, and most recently to see Santa in the North Pole....but this is his first Asian adventure! Stay tuned and happy travels!

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