Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...and an Animal Parade

I have never been a huge fan of the whole "breakfast in bed" idea...but when told to stay in bed so the kids and Jason could prepare me a breakfast of blueberry waffles, turkey bacon and a fresh fruit bowl, I had to rethink my cynical attitude. Any meal that does not include me standing and fetching for the family has me changing my tune. It was heaven. I dragged it out by laying in bed making phone calls and sipping my coffee. We should have about 20 Mother's days a year!

I was also delighted by this extremely creative Mother's Day gift from Arielle. For those of you who can't read like the mother or teacher of a just-turned-5-year old it says "Happy Mother's Day :)" I love the little stick she ran out to get to place it just "so" in the bunnies hands. Isn't it just the sweetest thing you've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the TAPE!!!!!!! Such love was invested here!

And last but not Mother's Day gift to my mom. I really wanted a beautiful bag for her AND myself I "sewed two birds with one stone." (or GingerBlossoms I should say!) Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

I will end with my latest listing...Euro Animal Party. Full of incredible Euro poplins and lively animals. You can find it HERE on Ebay.

And Kawaii House is now listed in my Etsy Store.

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HOLLY & PEYTON said...

I LOVE that bag! Wish you sold those too!