Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've been bad at this game!

Well, I'm new to blogland, and fun as it may be, I'm not sure I understand how to "tag." So sorry to everyone who has tagged me...I'll get better. And finally here I go. I'm supposed to post my "Five 5 minutes of fame!" So here goes my five!

1) When traveling with som
e friends in Thailand we were on the plane with Harrison Ford and he WINKED at us! The short of this long story was we were traveling from Thailand to Japan where our buddy "Harrison" was doing an interview about his movie "Six Days Seven Nights". When we got off the plane and through customs we lagged behind waiting for friends (Remember this Natalie, Liz, Sara, Andy and Dom...oh that's right Nat you missed it cuz you were being interogated!!!) and were swarmed by Japanese media and Harrison gave us a knowing "wink and smile" as he squeezed past us!

2) I was Sandy in my high school musical of "Grease." "Your the one that I want..."

3) My husband and I were on the TLC show "A Wedding Story."
Here is me with my husband below He's really tall. O.K. this is not really my husband...but I thought I'd throw you for a loop. This is a guy who does some Wild West show somewhere in South Dakota. So I was really famous for getting my pic with him!

I'm kind of always a celeb around my town. Really, I can't go anywhere without seeing one of my former Kindergarten or First Grade students. And they are always so excited to see me like I'm FAMOUS!!

5) I carried this darn bag all the way in the Peruvian Rainforest to get a picture with it. I haven't stepped foot in this outdoor store for quite some time, but it was hanging there the last time I checked. I'm like a poster child here in the Rainforest with that creepy little monkey on my shoulder. AND...then "Martin the Martin monkey" peed on me!! How's that for 5 minutes of fame!! O.K. I'm gonna tag 2 people...Christine I'm sure you are good at this game. And Shelley, I'd love to see what you've got!!!

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