Monday, May 21, 2007

Our weekend hike

We had a fun hike in northern Michigan this weekend. It was only 38 degrees so we had to bundle up, but the kids got to see a beaver dam and some tent worms on our little adventure. Hiking and viewing things through the eyes of children makes everything more fun.Kaden rode with daddy and is looking at the beaver dam with awe!

Princess Arielle even touched a tentworm! She didn't like the "dark green hat" because she only likes "light green," she said, but we were unprepared for the cold. She seemed to forget about the color of her hat and enjoy riding on my back in the pack.

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giraffikiki*kidz said...

Ok that tent worm thing is pretty cool! You should bring the kids up here for a hike. Reilly could traipse thru the woods in his Superman costume & Arielle in her princess one. Would be quite the sight! Shelley