Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Listing Today!

Whew, after a week of sun, beaches and camping, I'm back to work! We enjoyed beautiful weather and lots of seagulls! Poor Kaden used the sweetest voice to convince those gulls to come closer and then pelted them with hotdog buns...which of course they thoroughly enjoyed! You may view my newest listing HERE for the WisteriaLane Haute launch! Search WisteriaLane Haute for all the yummy finds!


~love said...

cute, cute! =)

and trust me, my little ones aren't always as calm as they seem in that picture either!! =)

i have a pic of ellie in the set you made to put up on my blog soon w/ all the boutique stuff we've purchased lately!

Bowznstuff said...

ooo super dooper cute!!!! I love what you've done with your Japanese fabric - I have to break mine out but I just can't bare to cut it LOL

Jessica said...

Love this set!!