Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Lovin, Lovin Summer!

Treasure burial markers

Where's my treasure mommy??

These may look like little sticks in the ground to the average eye. But make no mistake...these are treasure markers. I like to mix things up here a bit. Every once in a while , instead of just giving my darling children a cookie or one of their fave treats such as YES a "date," I make a little game out of it. They have been digging in their sandbox for the better part of a 1/2 hour here in search of their buried tresure. They love this game and I have fun burying and marking their space. Today inside their ziplock bags are some new zoo animal toys and a triple gingersnap cookie...and yes...a date! Not only did they gobble up their lunch (goat cheese, spinach and crab quesidillas), but they have been digging for all this time which allows me to watch out the window while I blog about it. We just are LOVING summer. Here are some other fun pics of some things we've been up to around here!!

Cousin Edmund and catching frogs!!

The "interesting" llama farm with good friends Jeremy and Julie and family!

A walk to the beach from the lighthouse with grandpa!!

Even a day at the beach includes doggie (aka "baby")


Jessica said...

FUN FUN Fun stuff going on at your house!! Love all the pics and your creativity!

Patrice said...

I adore your photo, such sweetness!