Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mommy's Little "Helper"

With the craziness of three, a little helper is always welcome. With past feeding success with my little helper, I trusted I could manage to get dressed very quickly just down the hall. Upon my return I was informed that "Wynter was making a mess." I calmly said I would like to take a picture of how "good" she is at helping me.

Sooooo, one might suppose that a lesson was learned. Nope. Dinner time rolls around and I'm running a bath for the "big kids" and allow my "helper" to once again take over. This is what I find just minutes later. Accident or purposful and pure entertainment value???? hmmmm.


~love said...

seriously LOL @ those! =) i've seen my share of those in our house, too! =)

Katy said...

oh my goodness! how sweet! That last pic is priceless!!! Teehee!