Sunday, August 5, 2007

ain't nothin gonna break-a my stride...

" ....ain't nothing gonna slow me down, whoa-oo, I've got to keep on movin...oooooo"

O.K. well maybe this does break my stride. And slows me down. And has certainly made me less fun. Here we are on vacation...which usually includes hiking, kayaking, beaching it, running after children....and most of these things are happening...without me!! I had a little "meniscus tearing" incident occur just a few days before we left, and has left me on crutches for 7-10 days!!!

We're still having fun though. I borrowed a wheelchair which has allowed me to get pushed at great speeds around the campground by my husband who is forced to entertain himself by all of this. The kids enjoy getting turns riding in the wheelchair and I can pick things up with the crutches when anyone drops things. I am served like a queen instead of being the one doing everything for everyone at all times! And I'm most certainly the brunt of all family jokes here all of a sudden.

Soooo, here's hoping for a speedy can't just be a gimpy queen forever now can she??

Cousin Hunter taking good care of Wynter for mommy!

Who's gonna wash me??? Not mom!

Tie-dying Tee-Shirts with Aunt Jacki


Christine said...

Awww you poor girl! Hugs!

Jessica said...

Hope you get better soon! The trip looked fun!

~love said...

awww...sad! hope you recovering quickly!!