Monday, August 27, 2007

Fleeting Summer

We've been soaking up the last days of summer around here. A recent trip to the Hands-On-Museum with me in my wheelchair, children on my lap and a wild-driving husband has given me even more appreciation for the free use of my legs.
The countdown is on for my knee surgery. Pooooooooooor me!!

I can never believe it when summer is "over." Life moves so fast...we learned we need to pinpoint "dates" with our friends, especially the ones that don't live right across town.

We've done a great job this summer of getting together with many of our beloved friends, some of whom we don't see on a regular basis. Here's a shout out to Rob and Julie, and darling Jackson who we finally had a chance to meet yesterday! We love you guys!!!

Daddy and Wynter swinging

Here are the kids just hanging out while we enjoyed a end-of-summer mommy lunch before one of my teacher girlfriends starts back to work without me tomorrow!! I feel we've enjoyed summer and created memories that help shape our children into the little people they are and who they are becoming.


~love said...

love this post. isn't it amazing how quickly it comes and goes. beautiful pics. =)

mylittlefairytales said...

thanks lovelyn! almost forgot to mention my DH's horror over our little man with his sister's bathing suit cover on!! hey he was warm wasn't he?? :)