Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home is Where the "Art" Is

(Below) Islamic Art; Inspired by my
husband's travels around the middle East. He actually did
some excavation work around the pyramids in Egypt.
Since this silly knee
injury, I've had more time to look around and appreciate the art inside our humble walls. My husband and I both had a severe traveling bug before we got married, and we each had the opportunity to do some world travels, much to the dismay of our bank accounts. We had some amazing travels both together and apart, and we went with the "do it while you can" theory as much as we could! With
both of us still
and forever

(right) Scroll made by a friend in Japan who gave me weekly calligraphy lessons when I lived there. This was a gift before I left Japan. It is in our entrace hallway.

(Below)We got this in Peru near the
Andes mountains in our
travels together. It hangs in our living room.

having student loans both from our undergraduate and Masters degrees, traveling may never have been the wisest financial choice....but we will always have the memories of our years and years of worldly travel. I thought I'd share some pieces around our home that are beautiful to us and represent fond memories of people and places that have shaped us.....

Handmade by my FIL
for our wedding gift in 2000

My husband did this stone work above our
fireplace. This is an 11-foot ceiling. He has
an eye for doing this even though this was his first
time doing stonework. I love our "hands"
photograph. is missing one little
baby hand as we thought at that
our family was complete! Wrong!
I painted this mural in Kaden's room before we moved in last year.

Kaden's artwork on our

wall. Can't forget the artistic expression of a 2-year old.

This incredible Japanese fabric was given to me by some friends who traveled to our wedding from Japan. My husband had it matted and framed for my birthday some years ago.

Yes, this does constitute

art in our home.
Little treasures are the best and
stir up fond memories when displayed
as art pieces in the home!
This is a simple "coke"
bottle from my travels with
friends in Thailand.


~love said...

what fun! how blessed you are to have done all that traveling! awesome memories! =)

sarah said...

I so enjoyed that trip to Thailand. Was it really 10 years ago??

mylittlefairytales said...

Hey Sarah!!! Yes, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like a blink ago!!